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CCC 3-Gun for April

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CCC April 3-Gun match is tomorrow Sunday 29 April.

We have 4 stages with 102 total targets, expect pistol to 60 yards, slugs to 60 yards, buckshot to 40 yds and rifle to 400 yds.

There are 12 rifle targets with a difficulty factor of 8 on a scale of 1 - 10, ranges are a MGM spinner at 100 yd and 11 plates out to 400 yd, bring at least 100 rounds

Pistol - shots from 10 to 60 yds. Total targets = 55 steel

Shotgun - 23 clays, 5 buckshot poppers and 7 slug targets


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Thanks to all the shooters that came on such short notice to this match.

Scores are posted at ccc3g.com

To those wondering about the short notice I will offer an explanation...

We have a bi-annual contract with the cattle operation that they will mow the entire 800+ acres 2 times each year. They gave us notice 2 weeks ago that they would mow this past week. We spent 2 days removing all the steel and props, BIG job...

The mowers never showed up so I got a group of volunteers to help get everything setup on Saturday, we did not finish untill after 6:00pm. When I got home at 7:00 I posted that the match was on.

We did our best to make the best of the situation and everyone that came to the match had a good time. I appreciate all the hard work from Bob & Elizabeth Pool, Calder Lively and Charles Morris for helping me get things back in operation.

Thanks to Preston Clark and Calder Lively for ROing the match.

Hopefully we will be back to normal next month.

We got another 6 tons of AR500 steel in the last month and have been putting together some new targets for your enjoyment. Come check it out at the next match.


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Freaking snakes...

I figured snakes would be a birdshot target...

It was for the first shot but Roger had just run the course and only had one shell left, did you notice the shotgun on the ground? He tossed it down and transitioned to his pistol to finish the deed. Good Job!

We killed 3 copperheads in that jungle run since Friday. One was a Boone & Crockett size about 4' long and 3" thick, biggest I've ever seen. That area had grown up big time since all the rain and it was perfect snake country. But the skid steer cleaned it up really well. The snakes will get the hint and find someplace else to hang out. The only good snake is a dead snake...


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