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Peyton to Clark part deux


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I bleed blue and have the tat to prove it and tix for 20 years. I hope Peyton get another SB and sticks in in bob Irsay's eye BUT I like the number 2 pick. Gives junior a security blanket MAYBE. These 2 have HUGE shoes to fill. Im feeling old since I remember guys like Pagel and have great memories of Lucks coach.

Gonna be a rough year but the future looks like it could be bright but Id trade it all for #18 back. Bob Irsay jr is gonna feel like a fool when Peyton wins a SB and realizes Caldwell cost a SB.

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I am a Peyton fan but I can't blame the Colt's for looking toward the future. In the NFL a 36 year old QB with serious nerve damage is a risk. They already paid him to sit on the sidelines for a year. His bonus was too big of a gamble to me. I wish him the best of luck, but it was the right move for the Colts. Open up cap space and get in new talent.

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