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I would like to recoup some dough from the diamond that is in my late wife's engagement ring. It is silly to keep the thing...but my guess is it isn't worth half what I paid. I bought it through a friend in the biz so I know i got a very good price but...

I thought about giving it to someone in the family but decided against it.

I mentioned selling it to a guy who buys "scrap" gold. He said they don't give anything for diamonds...they pay for gold only. You should have seen the bag of diamonds they took out of rings etc :surprise: Mostly smalls but dang! You could bedazzle a booney hat with all those things.

This is NOT a big rock - I being a guy, bought the nicest stone I could afford not the biggest. In retrospect this was a mistake - gals want big stones not "VS1" etc...their girl friends don't want any other specs that carat :angry2: Don't flame me ladies - just an observation.

My GF isn't really into diamonds - this is good as I hate them and the diamond biz overall.


thanks in advance

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Talk to a good "mom & pop" jeweler. They might be able to confirm the grading and pay you a reasonable price.

Edit: Go on bluenile.com, search for the closest thing to the diamond you have to get a retail estimate. Any store buying it from you will pay less but its a good reference.

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