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Witness 10mm Wonder Finish Compact

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I recently won the Elite 10mm Wonder Finish Compact in an online auction. I haven't been able to find much information on this pistol online. I did read it could be converted to other calibers with a conversion kit. Is this correct? Would I also have to buy 9mm magazines with the conversion kit? Are aftermarket wood grips available for this model? Thanks


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(1) Yes you can change calibers. This is done by swapping uppers. EAA sells caliber conversion kits.

(2) You will need to get whatever caliber magazines you convert to. Your 10mm magazines may only work with .40 S&W as an alternate caliber

(3) No wood grips are available for the compact models. If you were crafty you may be able to get the wood grips for a standard frame size and cut them down. From the screw mounting hole up all of the grips are the same. The difference is in how long they are blow the screw hole.

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