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Sights or not?

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I just got a JM series 930. It comes with a front fiber optic sight and I am wondering two things:

1. For 3 gun and shotgun matches would it be a good idea to add a rear sight?

2. If yes to 1 then what are some good sights to use?

Sights all depend on the distance you have slug targets in the matches you shoot and your ability with your gun. The longest slug shot I have taken in a match was at one of the BRM3G matches and I believe it was right at 130 yards. Sights helped for that shot, but 75 and under then a bead front only is serviceable for me. My 930 had the original Turkey model clamp on sights and they did not work together on my gun for slugs. Either I needed to find a taller front sight or a lower rear sight......went to the local gun store and found a HiViz adjustable rear sight that sat lower than the factory rear sight. Now the JM930 front sight looks a little taller, I have not had a chance to test it with slugs, but I put the turkey model rear sight on it to try on my next trip to the range.

Here is the rear sight I used.


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it's really a preference thing. some suggest that having sights will slow you down when shooting birdshot. others love sights and will just ignore them if need be.

also depends if your match director likes to make you shoot 90 yard slug targets. but then again some shooters have no problem just centering the front fiber optic against the vent rib.

I saw on this board a cheap fix by marking the ramp to the vent rib...so i just used some nail polish to paint a triangle for windage. i also have some elevation POI issues...so i had a taller front dovetail sight installed.



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