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How did you end up with an empty station on a 550? You should be seating and crimping in separate steps for best results.


powder drop



Edit to add IF I had a spot for it I would pass on either of the ones you mentioned. If you are careful you don't need a powder cop. I just flood the press with light and visually check every drop.

As for the factory crimp die, some love it, some hate it, none really need it.

Put a Udie in one and Dillon dies everywhere else and all will be good on the 550.

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Lee 3 die set.

Sizer decap

powder die

seating die.

Equals an extra station! I guess what im asking is should I buy a crimp die for that last station or crimp and seat together with the Lee setup and leave the last station open?

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Get an extra crimp die for that last station. Your crimp and OAL will generally be more consistent doing them in separate operations. If you load any plated, moly coated, or lead bullets crimping in a separate station is a must.

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If you are shooting fmj the FCD is almost always okay and many won't load without it. If you are shooting lead it might not be so great, it depends. Some have complaints that it sizes the lead down ruining accuracy, some don't have the issue. Some folks have no problem using the seating/crimp die as intended. Many millions of rounds have been made that way over the years.

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