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Loose slide stop?


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So I replaced the stop for like $40 bucks, whatever ya know. So I have my nice new slide stop on everything going great or so I thought. I just got done cleaning the gun and the slide stop is wobbling again! This has 150 rounds on it. Why does this keep happening?

So mad right now!

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This may be a stupid question, but how do you know when the magazine is empty, if your slide doesn't lock back? Do you run higher than normal capacity magazines and just not worry about it? I guess with a 20 round magazine it's not a problem, but mine only hold thirteen comfortably. I guess maybe I should aim more often and do less "spraying and praying". :wub:

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I shoot Limited 10 with the Henning pin. I got really good at counting shots. I try not to let a frustrating unplanned stand and shoot event at a Texas star frazzle me. Other L-10 shooters look at me like I'm crazy for shooting without a slidestop.

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