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One aspect of changing uppers on a 2011


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Ok, I have a frame with a para/clark ramp and accurails that has been fit to a complete gun. I am buying an upper already fit for accurails that has never seen my frame. The upper I'm receiving has already been properly timed and comes with the slide stop it was fit for.

Assuming the slide to frame fit is acceptable, is there a high likelihood that no fitment of the new barrel's lower lug will be needed? Or, will it probably need to be fit to the frame regardless even though they are both Para/Clark and it will come with an already fit slide stop?


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Odds are it will need lug fitting..... odds are the slide won't fit the frame's accurails exactly (or maybe at all), they are all a little different.

But... sometimes you get lucky.

See what you have and go from there.

But even if it all fits and looks good, I'd have a good 1911 pistolsmith check the barrel fit before shooting it.

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Yeah, Shaun is correct. I have purchased several top ends/lowers and have tried to fit many by just sliding them on and I have never had one fit yet. Yes, I have had them with Accu-rails also and nada. I've had better luck with lugs than I have rails.

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