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Hello. I am planning on starting 3 gun this year. I've competed in IDPA, and would like to do more. I'm probably going to go for limited division, but possibly tactical. I was surprised that I could not easily find a picture thread on this forum. Am I not looking in the right place? I was hoping to see some photos of setups for AR's and their hand guards. Right now, I'm still deciding which camp I am going to be in for this rifle "build". I'm not sure if it will be entirely used for 3 gun, or if it will be dual purpose and possibly be an HD option.

For those of you who like the slick tubes such as the DDM4-V7, what are the better options out there? I'm familiar with Troy Industries and Daniel Defense, that's about it. Any suggestions of places to look or manufacturers and models to look at would be very helpful. Thanks.

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What barrel nut would be used? Regular Mil-spec nuts? In that case, I'd consider a Samson Mfg Evolution model. I have one (Evolution 11") on a 16" carbine upper that will be repurposed to personal/homestead defense use. My main competition rifle (Loki, being custom built now w/ 15" carbon fiber) and backup/shorter-range-match upper have two variations on carbon fiber. The backup upper is Carbon Arms (~12") hand guard on Firebird barrel nut. I've become less enthused by systems with extensive rails in the past year.

I'm no expert, but there is a dizzying array of choices and they depend on the barrel nut and what you want to do. Defense weapons might need lights or fore-end grips that you might not want in pure competition. Good luck.

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