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Got my Tungsten Guide Rod, 15 and 13 pound spring


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My Tungsten guide rod and recoil springs came in the mail today from SSS. I got a 15 pound and also a 13 pounder.

The 15 pound one should be good to go, but if I install the 13 pound spring should I also be installing a lighter striker spring? I don't have much experience in messing with springs so not sure if I should or not.

This is for a M&P pro in 40 that I shoot Limited with. 180 grain boolits.

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Update. I installed the guide rod and 15 pound spring first. It wouldn't hold open after the last round. I figured the 13 pound would really cause issues but tried it anyway. All I have to say is holy shit. It's like a different gun. It shoots so much better. I swear my groupings got tighter. The muzzle flip with major ammo is drastically reduced. It tracks better and feels more balanced when you insert a mag.

I could only imagine how well it will shoot with minor ammo at steel matches.

Not sure why the slide won't lock back with a 15 pound spring but will with a 13 pound one.

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I think it becomes a timing issue, or more specifically, a "dwell" timing issue. With the heavier spring, the slide still goes back far enough to strip off fresh rounds, but it does stay back in this position for long enough of a duration to allow the follower to rise up and trigger the slide stop before its reversing course and returning to battery. With the lighter spring theres less overall resistance so it goes back either farther and/or for a longer duration so the time spent past the intermediate slide lock position is greater. I believe that you can see further proof of this in the recoil reduction since the spring is soaking up more of the energy thereby imparting less on the frame and your hand.

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