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D.C. Area for the Summer

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Hey guys, it looks like I'll be spending at least June/July in the DC area and would appreciate any info about matches! The summer is the only time when I really get to put some rounds downrange and so I'd really appreciate any info you would have.

I will probably be living in Virginia and if it's anything like the time I spent in Philly a few years ago, hopefully I can shoot just about every weekend!

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1st Sunday of the month is fredericksburg ps. www.fredericksburgps.com, sign up the monday before, the 120 slots fill quick.

depending on how far you want to drive, second saturday is black creek steel northeast of Richmond. http://blackcreeksteel.wordpress.com/

2d sunday is quantico practical shooters http://quanticoshootingclub.com/ sign up the monday before. This is on the Marine Corps Base.

3rd sunday is north mountain practical shooters, near strasburg, VA http://www.northmountainps.com/ signup the monday before.

Other matches that are farther away are pretty good as well, just need to know how far you want to drive.

York IPSC (about 45 min north of baltimore)http://yorkiwlaipsc.org/

Sir Walter Gun Club (about 3.5 hours but 7 stages 150 rounds). http://www.sirwaltergunclub.com/

Blackwater practical shooters http://www.blackwatershooters.com/

Most of the matches in the area have advance registration of some sort.

Hope this helps

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