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Personal Highlight reel question


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Hey all,

In developing a personal highlight reel do you think it would be appropriate to create a narration of the reels I want to visualize? In the book 10-mt you sort of write down what you want to visualize but make it last approximately 60 seconds per reel. What you write is short but you want to visualize is longer leaving you to visualize the content, or create it (filling in the gaps). At this point my visualization is good but not consistent. Sometimes the negative images I want to avoid force themselves into the picture, as if being influenced by other factors.

So I wondered if I could control that a little better. Would it be appropriate to write out the reel step by step, adding every detail I desire as if I was narrating to myself? I know when I read it I can visualize while reading. I also thought of writing the reel out the same way, then recording myself reading it and just play it out loud while having my eyes closed.

Does this seem like a sound approach?

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I don't think we can avoid those negative images or 'voice' that enters our conscious but as soon as they do we need to consciously focus on positive images/voices rather than say to our selves "don't". Our brain doesn't understand "don't" as it relates to visualizing what we don't want to.

Example: Don't think of a pink elephant.


Any narrative that help you focus on a positive outcome [like you proposed] will help IMO.

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