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1050 case feed issue

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As mcracco said, make sure there is nothing in the groove in the shellplate. Other things to try are cleaning beneath the shellplate and ensuring the shellplate is fairly tight, but still allows smooth indexing. Also remove the casefeed plunger and clean the media and grid from the channel it rides in. I often times have a lot of corn media under the casefeed plunger, and it causes the shells to not sit flat when going into the shellplate.

From time to time you'll get this when there are burrs on the rim of the case, but you can usually turn the case a bit and cycle the casefeed plunger by hand to get the case seated in the shellplate.

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And expanding on what kalaur said....yes, could be the shellplate not fully indexing. I have had debris get into the ball detent mechanism (between seat & crimp) which held ball down and prevented shellplate from snapping into place. Pushed ball down and gave it a shot of air to clear.

These days I blow out the entire shellplate area as often as I can as it doesn't take much spilled powder, tumble media, brass chafe, whatever to screw things up.

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