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Cmore RTS vs Deltapoint


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Thinking about trying one of the mini red dots on an open gun. Does anyone have experience with the leupold and cmore offerings? And also maybe the mount which worked best for you.


Not sure if this helps but I had a STS on my Open Glock. Started out as a slide ride set up which worked fine. At times it was hard to find the dot. Once I used it for a while I learned how to though. I eventually changed it over to a frame mount but never got the chance to make a true comparison since I sold the gun.
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I have been wanting to try the RTS but haven't seen one yet. I have two DP, one on a pistol and one on a rifle (both rimfire). I really love the DPs, the glass is clear, the dot is crisp, just wish it was a little larger. I also hate the adjustment screws for the DP, they are stripped easily if not careful. I think the RTS will be nice since it looks like a good compromise between a full size Cmore and a DP/STS size sight.

For my DP, I used the mount that came with it, works fine. The RTS has a built-in rail at the bottom so you have to have a rail mount to get it attached.

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