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New IDPA club coming to Northern MI!

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There's a new IDPA club starting up next year (if all the paperwork goes through at the next meeting to finalize it)

Michigan folks and our neighbors please stay tuned for updates. Looking to start having matches around May 2012.

Thank You!

P.S. If your in Northern Michigan and an SO and are interested in working the matches please please PM me!

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Indeed :lol:

A few new updates...

1. I'm working on a hotel within a reasonable distance to the club for anyone that wants to travel up the night before to stay at with a discount. One is interested in helping out and if they do so I will post and email a reservation "code" to everyone.

2. I've dreamed up a few moving target props that I'll be working on. These will be for our use and for the USPSA folks as well.

3. I will be providing a classifier opportunity to any IDPA member that attends any month of the proposed season. I ask only that you book your run in advance and that you remain to help after your turn.

4. There will be an SO class in April before we begin to get enough people prepared to run the match smoothly.

5. I've got some stats volunteers for each month so we may be able to have very fast match results available!

6. There will be a website page coming soon thanks to the web guru at the club! Thank you!

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The matches at COLSC in Bellaire, MI will begin on the fourth Sunday of May this year and continue until October (November if whether allows)

The first match is on Sunday May 26th with sign up at 0800, shooters meeting at 0900 and the match will commence at 0915. 6 to 8 stages monthly with IDPA standard minimum round count of 18 rounds times the number of stages or 108 to 144 minimum.

Match cost as follows:

-Standard $20.00

-COLSC Members $5 off

-Volunteering SO's in good standing $10.00

Any member or non member who attends setup on the Saturday before the match will receive $5 off their match entry fee

Yes discounts are commulative.

Classifiers will be offered in the Month of June, August and October to any IDPA member at a cost of $20 without match signup or $10 with match sign up.

Don't have an IDPA legal pistol and gear? Come anyway and shoot! Your score will still be posted though it won't affect standings. It's your best chance to learn what equipment you need to shoot IDPA!

Disabled? Come anyway and shoot! We will do everything in our power to make your match as fair and fun as anyone else's!

Bring a whole crew from your club and shoot on the same squad.

First timers are more than welcome and juniors too with a parent or guardian. Just pass a safety test before shooting.

Need help learning IDPA? Ask to "coach thru" at signup and get an experienced IDPA shooter that will stay with you all day and help you!

All divisions accepted.






Also BUG guns will be welcomed monthly.

For directions to the club visit www.COLSC.org

IDPA directors: Please copy this post and email it to your member list if your in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Wisconsin area. Also we are happy to welcome our Canadian neighbors just email me at jerryshoots@gmail.com for an invitation!

EMAIL LIST: To join the IDPA COLSC mailing list just email me at jerryshoots@gmail.com.

Thank you and we hope to see you at IDPA COLSC!

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