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Glockstore replacement slide


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Anybody tried one of these bare Glock 17 SS replacement slides sold on Glockstore.com


I am thinking of using one of these to build a slide ride optic/comp upper (Jager kit, Jager striker, and Glock OEM slide parts) that I can switch out on my G34 frame.

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I am not a fan of the bevel/bull nose taper at the muzzle of the Lone Wolf Slide. It doesn't look right with a comp, and LWD doesn't sell it any other way. I would rather have the squared off, but slightly rounded, traditional Glock slide profile. This slide was suggested by a Glock Open builder as a viable alternative so I thought I would look into it. I may just break down buy a G17 Blue Label Gen 3 and have at it. This way I can mod the G17 frame for open as well.

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