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Fitting cone comp


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Whats the best way to open end of slide to fit cone comp I do not own a mill. Is there a reamer I can buy and where can I order it from. Is there an easy way to cut 1 degree angle with out using mill on slide. Thanks Mark

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The only thing you do to the slide is to make sure it is clean and smooth inside, no dents or gouges, clean it up a little with a sanding roll if needed.

The cone is fitted to the slide not the other way round. At least if you're talking about a 1911 style. There is a lot more to fitting a cone or bull barrel and compensator than it looks. If you are not experienced with this it might be better to pay a good gunsmith to fit it correctly for you.

The one degree cut can be done with a flat file but it's much easier and precise to do it on a mill. I've done them by hand in the past, it takes a lot of patience and try and fit, but a good job can be done. Now I fit the barrel and then measure the angle the barrel is running and cut the end of the slide on the mill to that angle. It's not always 1 degree.

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