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  1. There are very few who aren't always shooting with people better than them on any given day.
  2. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    If the chamber is reamed too short, especially short enough for the case to hang out enough to be unsupported, the pistol won't go completely into battery and the disconnector will prevent it from firing.
  3. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if CNN was researching the FBI fancy dancer AD and found the old 320 story.
  4. You would probably need to thin the guide rod "head" to match the 3.9 guns so as to maintain slide travel, and you'd lose the dual spring the short guns use. I doubt it would be worth the effort but it seems doable.
  5. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    You better hurry it's been posted on Reddit so it will sell out very quickly.
  6. Well he did win the World Match in 1983.......but it was the start of the SS domination for sure. But we were all shooting SS back then so.........
  7. Those were the days as they say, I can't remember why I didn't show for that.
  8. Have a couple of questions for you guys running the Q5. I'm looking at it pretty hard but don't have any to try locally so my concerns are that long slide stop and the seemingly short grip. With the grip I have to use I lock the slide back on a XDM way too often to use one so the extra long lever on the Walther makes we wonder if I would have the same problem? The XDM has no fence around the slide stop so that's part of the problem for me. Also is the grip long enough for someone who wears 2xl gloves to get all my fingers comfortably on it? Thanks for any help.
  9. In the early days lots of things were tried as everyone was learning. With a cross draw holster just left of your belt buckle you could look right at grip safety especially from the surrender position. Some folks hit the grip safety so hard you could hear the ping from the parking lot, of course it took awhile to recover from that and get the pistol moving towards the target. You learn more from your mistakes than your successes it seems.
  10. It's been awhile but this was my first attempt at a Glock BoMar. I used a flat bottom BoMar on a few early installations, not sure if there is any sight comparable now. It was a pretty clean deal and worked well and stayed put. If anyone is interested I'll see if I can find the dimensions but it's pretty simple. If you have a mill you can make a flat bottom for your sight and attach it with a couple of machine screws to the slide. On the last pic I hadn't completed the clearance cut for the blade to move for windage adjustment.
  11. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt
  12. No doubt you don't want to struggle up close, that's not my point at all. On any given day stuff happens especially at the Bermuda Triangle of shooting AKA the Cup, so I try to go for as close to a fail safe plan as I can. The pasters reference was like shooting practice or other sports where pasters are used between shooters. It's a human nature thing, I've seen it happen all the time as an instructor running people thru a course, a group of pasters get's formed and more shots go there than the center. It's not that the shooters are aiming for the pasters they don't even realize it's hap
  13. I found a trap in the strategy of making that black dot in the middle of the plate up close and them aiming at it later. What happens if you struggle up close and have shots all over the plate? You are expecting something to aim at that might not be there. Your mind can panic because what is expected is not there. Ever notice when shooting paper if you start a group off center a little how hard it is to ignore that group and shoot them in the middle? I've looked at taped up practice targets after a day and it's obvious how many shooters were drawn unconsciously to that wad of pasters instead
  14. Virginia, Brian, I remember it was a two week match.
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