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  1. There are very few who aren't always shooting with people better than them on any given day.
  2. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    If the chamber is reamed too short, especially short enough for the case to hang out enough to be unsupported, the pistol won't go completely into battery and the disconnector will prevent it from firing.
  3. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if CNN was researching the FBI fancy dancer AD and found the old 320 story.
  4. You would probably need to thin the guide rod "head" to match the 3.9 guns so as to maintain slide travel, and you'd lose the dual spring the short guns use. I doubt it would be worth the effort but it seems doable.
  5. Ross Carter

    P320 X5 Thread

    You better hurry it's been posted on Reddit so it will sell out very quickly.
  6. I remember that, unfortunately that was not the only time I saw someone shoot themselves, most people worry about it on the draw but most of the time it's re-holstering.
  7. Well he did win the World Match in 1983.......but it was the start of the SS domination for sure. But we were all shooting SS back then so.........
  8. Those were the days as they say, I can't remember why I didn't show for that.
  9. Have a couple of questions for you guys running the Q5. I'm looking at it pretty hard but don't have any to try locally so my concerns are that long slide stop and the seemingly short grip. With the grip I have to use I lock the slide back on a XDM way too often to use one so the extra long lever on the Walther makes we wonder if I would have the same problem? The XDM has no fence around the slide stop so that's part of the problem for me. Also is the grip long enough for someone who wears 2xl gloves to get all my fingers comfortably on it? Thanks for any help.
  10. And with an injured knee went on to win the World Shoot. Great memories.
  11. As the extractor is pulling the fired case out of the chamber the timing rail is pressing down on the next round up in the magazine. I think you simply don't have enough extractor tension. Bend your extractor, there should be plenty of videos around to show how, put more tension on it and I bet your problem goes away.
  12. You might check the slide stop pin diameter and the hole in the frame, John Nowlin made bushings and would re-bore the frame on problem guns.
  13. In my post I'm not taking the amount of lead itself in consideration as that is taken care of by a lead adjuster. When I post a 49 thousands of an inch advantage with the 45 over the 9 that is if both shots hit the same place the outside of the 45 bullet would be 49 thousands of an inch closer to the center, maybe that's enough to touch the next scoring line. But bullet flight time does seem to make a difference on the mover both guns with mover adjustment, every thing else equal at least for me when back when I was shooting good, I was more consistent with higher velocity and often shots I called marginal were still good. Think of recoil this way, every bit of extra recoil gives you less time to aim, it may seem insignificant but it really adds up on the barricade. Also when you go to a larger bore at the same power factor the larger bore has more torque in your hand. We are splitting hairs and I'm assuming you are looking for any small gain to make the difference between a winning score or not, at that level small differences add up. In the end it's which pistol and load you shoot best and have confidence in.
  14. Do the negatives you already mentioned offset a.049 inch edge in scoring? Those big 45 holes in the target sure look good but can you get the same accuracy out of those ultra light 45 bullets you can from the 9mm? If not and even if I think the negatives overcome the advantage. I can't give a great explanation of how, but my experiments proved to me that higher velocity equals better scores on the longer portions of the mover even with a lead adjusting device.
  15. I've been told that the NRA Action program at the Springfield Bench Rest Club has been shut down due to a property line dispute.
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