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  1. All you need to do is get someone to make a longer follower for 140 tubes. Just got new beretta 10 round mags, same tube holes in the same place in rear, marked 10 rounds not 15. Took apart mag, found follower is longer on bottom and spring is longer with more coils. That sounds the best way to hold 10 rounds. Talk to STI or someone who makes followers Mark.
  2. What I need is a smith to fit slide and barrel for me and comp on some sv frames all new parts took me a long time to buy all the parts. I want a good gunsmith to do the work. I live 75 miles away from Bullalo NY or 75 miles from Erie PA. I do not like the shipping cost I want to drop of the parts. Thanks Mark
  3. Whats the best way to open end of slide to fit cone comp I do not own a mill. Is there a reamer I can buy and where can I order it from. Is there an easy way to cut 1 degree angle with out using mill on slide. Thanks Mark
  4. You will have to cut the slide at a 1 degree angle why. When the barrel locks in it angles up to lock into the lugs in the rear of the slide. Also you might have to remove material from the back of the comp to get the lugs to lock in or frome the slide after the angle cut.Comp to slide clearance someware around .005
  5. I have sv stainless open slide can I install it on an sv steel frame. Will I have any problems with it in the future shooting the gun.Some say do not use a stainless gun in comp when it gets hot it starts to jam.
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