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Noob Question - Optics Mount for UltraDot 6


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HI all. I'm new to this stuff and have a question I'd appreciate some assistance with. Here goes:

I have a Daniel Defense M4V5 (nice rifle and way better at its job than its owner is!) with top rail mounted irons (approx. 1 3/8" high +/- at center) that I want to keep. I'm slowly setting it up for range fun and limited multi-gun. Based on my experience with an UltraDot MatchDot on my bullseye pistol and my limited budget (the reason I want to keep my irons), I'm leaning heavily toward an UltraDot 6 red dot. I'd like to set it up to give me a lower 1/3 co-witness. The UD6 is a 30m tube and comes with a pair of scope rings that are too low (and kinda cheesy). They'll work if I put them on a riser but that's a lot of mount interfaces and looks little jury-rigged.

Doing the math it would seem the center of the mounted optic should be approx. 1.8" from the top of the rail (unless I've screwed this up, which could happen!) That brings me to the question - Can anyone recommend a quality mount that would give me what I need?

I've thought about a single ring AImpoint Comp mount (GG&G) but have no idea whether that's a sufficiently stable and reliable option. I'm pretty careful about my gear, but feces occurs nonetheless. A more traditional scope mount seems more rugged, but may pose dimension problems as the UD6's tubes are much shorter than an ordinary scope. Further, I haven't been able to identify a scope mount high enough to give me the lower 1/3 position. I know this would be simpler if I had folding BUIS, but that's not in the budget and my old eyes need the red dot soon!

I'd appreciate whatever insight or advice you all can offer, including other budget-conscious red dot sight options I should consider. Thanks very much!

Phil "Sanchinguy" Schrantz

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