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Have had my FFL friend looking for a M&P Pro 9mm for weeks now. All his wholesalers said not in stock, so he called S&W. They told him where pistols were shipped to...one supplier had 55 on order and were sent 9. Seems to be quite a demand for these. One supplier told him that they were taking care of major customers first, and that "kitchen table" FFL holders were on the back burner for supplies. Hmmm.

So there I was at Gunstop getting some reloading supplies, and wandered over to the gun sales side of the store. Casually looking at the pistol case I see WHAT??? A S&W M&P Pro 9mm....never thought twice. Whipped out the necessary official items and the check card>>>> walked out the new owner of the pistol. Glad I didn't hesitate...another guy came in after making a call in the parking lot and was bummed I had bought it. Seems he was checking with the wife for permission. (NOTE: Asking forgiveness is easier than permission. :roflol: ) Which is what I am dealing with now. :blush: HAte to tell her I have a shotgun on order as I type this...but it will get here next year so technically I won't violate the 2 gun a year rule. :sight:

Now order a holster and I am ready to get started in production USPSA...BTW the SG is for 3 gun.

Cheers. :cheers:

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