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A/C out again


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Second time the A/C has crapped out in my rental house. With the near record breaking heat this summer lots of A/C units have been crapping out. The guys my landlord uses were quick and fixed it last time, but late on a Sunday afternoon we are waiting till morning. Almost midnight and my phone says its 96 degrees. Won't be much sleeping going on tonight...

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I have a Mastercool swamp cooler which usually works great here in the desert, but with all the rain we've been getting the humidity is so high it's an excersize in futility. thank God for ceiling fans in the bedrooms!

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Grew up without A/C in the desert of Socal. Regularly above 100, 110 in the summer, in a modular home, really a glorified trailer. It was hot!! I feel your pain! Lucky for me my neighbor is an A/C contractor. I take care of him, he takes care of me.

We did have a swamp cooler though. It worked unless as previously stated, unless it was humid. When we got a fridge with an ice maker, I used to take the ice and pour the whole bin into the thing. Made a big difference for a little while. But at night, that thing could really cool the house down.

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