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Finally got out for 18 in the new area today. It was over 100 when we finished! It's been so hot this summer that I've just not gotten out, but only a month till a big company sponsored tournament so really need some game time.

I hit practice balls behind my house in the mornings and right before dusk a few times a week, but don't have enough room to practice drives. It really showed today. Couldn't get off the tee with any consistency at all. My irons were coming it pretty well and fairway woods were even straightening up pretty good. The ground was so hard the bounces were bonus entertainment! lol...

We were paired up with two youngsters that were driving powerhouses. They even did Happy Gilmores on the 18th for fun and almost drove better than I did at that! lol...

Bonus, bonus...

The beer cart girls were smokin hot!!!

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3/4 - You just figured out how to grow USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge or any other match for that matter! Just have Hooters (or the local equivalent) cater lunch every match! :cheers:

And for the guys that stay and help clean up and put everything away after a match (especially a long match with a lot of stages) they could have a dinner special with Lobster Tail and Beer. :cheers: 3 of MY favorite things. :cheers: Pretty soon shooting match attendance would look more like a football game.

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