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75B SA. .40 cal. for Limited 10?


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Hi Guys,

I'm a new shooter, and new to the forum. {Geez I should have done this when I was younger..lol} I shot my 2nd match this weekend in L-10 with my .45 1911. {first match I shot production}

I kinda like the multiple reloading aspects of L-10. I'm thinking about using a .40 S&W. I've been kicking around the idea of a 75B SA or getting another 1911 in .40cal.

.40cal 1911s seem to be quite fussy out of the box and my pockets aren't deep enough to buy a custom 1911.

The 75B SA seemed like a good idea being I can start cocked and locked in SA mode. Am I missing something or is this a viable alternative to a 1911? Plus the price really appeals to me. I can get myself set up for under a grand.

Maybe I should be asking if anyone here is shooting a 75B in .40cal. Or are they better suited to 9mm and production class. SA\DA of course.

I'm never going to win anything. {eyes are not so good anymore and ankles and knees are a little creeky} I just like shooting with the guys and competing. What can I say, I'm a gunnut!

So, what do ya think? I shot a 75B SA\DA. I really like the feel of the gun. Never knew CZ made such nice pistols.

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