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Hi Guys & gals

I might have a chance to buy a performance centre 627-5 I am guessing in 357

Are these good guns? anything I might need to watch for (beyond normal revolver timing etc?) and what would you expect to pay for one in "mint condition" fired only 4-500 rounds?

Thanks in advance

Aaron T

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The 627-5 is an extremely reliable revolver. It is a favorite for ICORE and for Steel Challenge. I bought one a few months back that was used very little for $800. Mine did not include the aluminum Performance Center case. I have seen those cases sell for approximately $50. So for a slightly used stock model with the case I would estimate a cost of about $850. I also suggest that you do a search for 627 in the classified forum to see what they have been selling for here on the forum.

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I just bought a 627-PC (circa 1998) with 100 rds through it for $750. I strongly suspect that is a low price.

For a -5 $800 seems about right. I'm no expert, and rather frugal, so take that for what it's worth.

Bud's sold a used 627 Pro for $700 a month ago.

A new Pro on Buds is $770.

New PCs I think have been on Bud's for $970???

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