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New From NC


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Good evening. Looking forward to learning a good deal from what appears to be a well informed and active web site. Have been shooting since age 12 (those wonderful New England 'partridge' and pheasant hunts, pre-urban 1950s). Twenty-seven years in uniform, with a couple of tours in RVN. Combined tours of ten years in Germany and Italy. After all these years, took up reloading six months ago, and wish I'd done so long before this. Shooting my 1911s and the new Glock 19 for carry. A range of rifles, from my dad's old Marlin 336C, to Browning A-Bolt 30-06, SKS for the novelty, M4 to keep current, and a wonderful CZ 452 .22 LR at our local range, just a mile up the road. That range, established in 1927, is worth protecting!

Thanks for providing this great forum.


NC Ken

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