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I am just purchased my first optical sight.

My question is, when I sight this pistol in do I do it the same way I sight my rifles in, or do I try to keep the dot lined up with the back sight.

As you can tell I am a newbe and I have never shot or used one of these sights.

Appreciate your help in advance.

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I have a slide mounted STS. In any event it does not matter frame or slide mount the procedure for zeroing is the same.

Firstly make sure it is tightly and securely mounted to eliminate any movement. They have NO reference to any existing iron sights. They are completely independent.

Set up a new cardboard target for example an IPSC one at 25 yards / metres

Bench rest the pistol on your range bag on top of a table / bench.

Place the dot in the centre of the target, fire 5 rounds centre hold each shot. See where they print and then adjust up / down, left / right accordingly

Repeat another 5 rounds, see where it prints....................done!

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