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I was given bunches of cast lead bullets that were used in 38 long colt and 45 long colt cowboy action pistols.

The diameter is almost identical to the diameter of a 9mm and 45acp.

Before I go ahead an do something stupid, I wanted to ask this forums opinion on their use.

I had planned on using them in a 9mm Glock with a KKM barrel and a Kimber 45acp. They are intended to be used for just drill practice and I would not use them for accuracy or in a match. They would never be loaded hot.

I welcome the knowledge of your experienced guys. Thanks

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check diameter and weight carefully. .38 long colt lead bullets use .357-.358 size, so that could be swaged to work, BUT IF THEY WERE MEANT FOR .38 SHORT COLT they will be way oversized..... something like .374 i think. Ref both calibers, make sure that the weight will work.

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If they are the 200gr round nose flat point .452 bullets you are good to go. I have a friend that has shot thousands of those out of his kimber. I can't remember the length he uses but the bullet is seated out far enough so that the crimp is just before the crimp groove starts. The groove is for roll crimping Long Colt. If you try to seat the bullet and taper crimp for acp it won't supply enough crimp to keep the bullet from being pushed further into the case. If your die is already set for non crimp groove bullets and you screw the die down futher to get it to crimp in the groove you will run into problems. The crimp will go into the groove and there won't be enough case to headspace properly. When you switch back to normal acp bullets the crimp will be set so much that the case will swage down lead bullets or cut into the jackets of plated or jacketed ammo. There is plenty of room to seat the bullet out further and it feeds great in his gun with that setup.

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