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STI and SVI tubes = different COAL lengths?

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I have SVI mags for my nines. I want to get another 170mm tube (I already have two SVI big sticks) and I am looking at the STI.

I've found that if I used the SVI mags in my Para, the optimal COAL (cartridge overall length) is different between the two mag types. I find that I need a longer COAL with the SVI mags than I do with the Para mags.

Is it the same with an STI and an SVI mag?

I don't want to have to need two different sets of ammo with different COAL lengths.

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Hello: The STI mags work better with spacers and you can load them the same as the SVI mags. I load to 1.170" OAL for my major 9mm loads. That is too long for any of my Production mags so ammo won't/can't get mixed up. It also makes it safe for someone who tries to use a round that I have left on the ground. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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