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Hera Arms Linear Compensator

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I'm looking to buy the Hera Arms Linear Compensator.

The reason why I look at this is because it will fit my rifle and the threading is right (M15), other options are much more "adventerous".

Has anyone tried it or other Linear Compensators?

Pros / Cons?

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I have zero experience with them.....so I really can't say anything from a proformance standpoint.

I know that over here with our mulitgun rules.....comps can not be more than 1" (25.4mm) in diameter; the Hera comp looks to excede that by a fair amount.

I wonder if there are any internal baffles in that puppy, and what do they look like....could be an interesting desing. Possibly a cast piece? and machined afterwards?

Thats all I got....


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That would appear to be a German company and is not sold in the US (as far as I know), so I have no way to evaluate it. But I have and sometimes use a Levang Linear Compensator which is the same idea. My German is rusty but the description seems to be the same as well.

It's not really a compensator in the way that most shooters think of a compensator. Rather than directing gas up and out to counteract muzzle rise, these direct all the gas forward. As a result, there is very little reduction of muzzle rise, BUT there is quite a bit of noise reduction to the shooter and those next to them. So, the only time I have had reason to use this was when shooting a carbine in a tactical class where the use of a regular compensator would tend to irritate those around me.

I've also used it at one range where noise was an issue. This "aimed" the noise away toward a big open field which made the range owner and the neighbors happy.

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I presume the HERA is similar to the Levang Liniear, page 47...?


Levang Linear 32 RR=0%

RR = Recoil Reduction :wacko:

"The greater the recoil reduction the less the muzzle

moves, right? Not necessarily. Several of the comps ranked

near the bottom in the recoil reduction tests proved very controllable

in the graphic tests. Recoil reduction may be THE

factor for a .338 Lapua bolt gun, but not for our AR bullet

hoses. Our performance criterion places a greater emphasis

in making fast and accurate follow-up shots. To this, the

graphs tell much but not the entire story"

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I presume the HERA is similar to the Levang Liniear, page 47...?

It would appear to be, yes. And the image pretty much mimics my experience.

Like I said, it doesn't do appear to do much of anything to control muzzle flip but it's easier on the ears than a standard flash hider and a whole lot less noise than a conventional compensator.

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I had the Levang compensator on my last AR 15. It was great! It directed the noise and flash down range and made it much more enjoyable for my fellow shooters. It also did reduce a bit of the muzzle flip (I tested the rifle with and without this on it).

That being said, I have a Miculek on my new rifle. It works much better! However, your fellow shooters will hate you...

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