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A bad day reloading ...

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Some days, it just doesn't pay ...

I needed to load about 500 rounds of 380 ACP - I had the conversion kit but hadn't yet used it so ...

An easy swap, as usual. Took me about ten minutes. I used my new Arredondo bar with micrometer (nice). Dump in the brass, set the measure, ready to rock.

Hmm, the damn case feeder jams all the time. I loaded about 25 rounds before I realized - duh! Small casefeeder plate - forgot that. Empty the feeder, reload, makes a difference (although it is still possible to get a heck of a jam that throws cases all over the place!).

Then, something doesn't feel right. The primer system locks up. Futz, futz some more. Take it apart. A piece of primer got sucked into the wheel and marred the casting - even the detent ball won't come out. Polish it all out, lube up, put it together, barely runs. Doesn't advance the primer right, makes a mess all the time. Take it apart, put it together, take it apart, repeat. Ugh.

Somewhere in the midst of testing, I realize the primers that I do get don't feel right when I'm seating them. Hmm. Careful inspection shows the shellplate isn't aligned with the punch. I tried a new detent spring, took out my bearings/washers, still no good. So, then I think - alignment. But, it is Sunday, and I have no alignment tool. So, through trial and error I finally get it to center up properly. There's another hour. Fine. Time to clean up and put everything away.

Not to be deterred, it bugs me for a couple of hours. Back to the press, convert my large primer assembly to small, and, damn if it doesn't work just fine. Other than the occasional flying case from the case feeder, I get my loads done.

Just to add insult to injury, the RF-100 jammed a couple of times and primers got stuck in the tube. (Same thing happened to the priming system once, too.)

I've already emailed Dillon for the tool and the primer system parts, but, some days it just doesn't pay! I figure if I did them on my turret press I would have had about the same throughput, so, I guess I'm not that bad off! Of course, the only caliber I don't have for my backup SDB is .380, too.

I've looked at the defective primer assembly and I just don't see why it doesn't work right. It has only loaded about 1,200 rounds or so.

So, perseverance is the key!

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Eh, well, I probably shouldn't have wasted the electrons posting. I just had to vent. I love my presses, and, they generally work just fine. The gremlins were rampant and elusive.

Dillon is sending me a new primer assembly. As always, outstanding service. I hope they remember to send me the alignment tool so I can do it right - the trial and error method is pretty time consuming!

I use my SDB as a quick caliber change for small quantities and backup. I've not needed it, and, that's been the key (I think!) to generally good success with my 650.

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