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Longer glock barrels


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Obviously I am missing something in the chemistry of these variations. OR, I am not understanding the geometry of the g19 and g17 frames. I completely believe what you say, I guess the "why" in me wonders why a g19 can't just have a 1.25" longer barrel ? Especially since there are aft market barrels that have threaded muzzles to accept suppressors. Why can't it just be extended?

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As has been stated, the locking blocks, and corresponding cam surfaces on the barrel underlugs, are identical between the G17 and G34, and identical between the G19 and G26. However they are NOT identical between the G17/G34 and G19/G26. Bottom line: you can put a G34 barrel in a G17, and you can put a G19 barrel in a G26, but you can't put a G17 barrel in a G19.

Just divide the four guns into two groups in your mind, based on size: the two larger guns (G17 and G34) are grouped together, the two smaller guns (G19 and G26) are also grouped together. The larger gun in each group can switch its barrel into the smaller gun in its group, but you can't switch any barrel from Group 1 into any gun in Group 2 or vice versa.

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