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Is there such a thing as a Progressive Swager other than a 1050?


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your idea has been kicked around here on the forums before. and a lot of us at first blush thought that a modified 550 primer "bar" would be ideal to swage the crimp out but that idea came to a screeching halt when we realized that on the 1050 there is a rod that comes down inside the case during its swaging operation. we all just kinda reckoned that a 550 or 650 shellplate wouldn't be strong enough to resist the upward push of a swager.

either the shellplate would break off...or there be enough flex there that the case would come flying out.

if you could make a regular die that would thread into a toolhead that would let you drop a rod down inside the case to back it up and it was quick and easy to operate, then you might be onto something.

i haven't torn into my military brass yet. when i do, i plan on just chucking a deburring tool or an actual primer pocket reamer into a drill or drill press to get rid of the crimps

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