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  1. I host a .22 match at my club, and people love it. Just as above, spinners, KYL's and everything out to 225yards. Meanest thing I have done so far is a KYL at 75-yards, and another at a little over 115 yards......kicker is you can only dial for range and hold over for the next!!!!
  2. VZ-427. Left hand. Buddy has one for .22 PRS marches. Tack driver and fairly cheap.
  3. Thanks for the info. I ended up with a liberty .22 can. I was actually able to make a trade for it with stuff that was just sitting in my safe!!!
  4. As for the pros, you have listed them. As for the cons, it would have to be price. I just purchased a Accuracy International AT, and the cost difference between the folder and the non-folder was over $400. And that was dealer cost!!!! I would say save the money. Get a non-folder.
  5. I like the Saracen bag, by warhorse Tactical. Chas is a great guy, and even delivered my bag to a match we were both shooting. Similar to the tactical udder, I believe the Saracen came first, but don't want to starting a flame war.
  6. So I have found a place that has the Ryder 22A's for under $200, so with the $200 Tax Stamp, it is now the same price as many other suppressors normal price. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this model and how they like it?
  7. So I have a labradar, and set it up using the instructions and several youtube videos. It does not seem to want to trigger and records any data. Sensitivity is set to 1, and I am at the "close" distance. I have tried the it with the muzzle, behind, at, and in front of the unit. The Orange "armed" light is on, but after about 30-rounds between all the positions it has not picked up or triggered a single round. I am starting to think I have a dud unit!!!!! Any suggestions?
  8. I guess if I put this in the right forum I might get more answers So I have been lurking around the Whidden site, and am intrigued about the click adjustable dies. However, I had been using Forster dies for my 6.5x47 Lapua. I use the dillons for the .223, and pistol, but want the extra precision of the PRS rifle dies. Any recommendations, or are the Reddings, or others just as good? I have a 50% certificate for Redding dies that I could use.
  9. So I have been lurking around the Whidden site, and am intrigued about the click adjustable dies. However, I had been using Forster dies for my 6.5x47 Lapua. I use the dillons for the .223, and pistol, but want the extra precision of the PRS rifle dies. Any recommendations, or are the Reddings, or others just as good? I have a 50% certificate for Redding dies that I could use.
  10. I have a rugged for pistol calibers and they are top notch. First day I took it out, I had a bullet tumble at the end, and take a chunk out of the end cap. Very first shot I watched it on video!!!! Called Rugged the next day, and they had a new cap sent out that afternoon!!! I have a Saker in .308 for mt PRS gun, and the .223's. I ditched the ASR mount, and went with the AREA 419 adapter. Great decision!!!! Other than that, I want to get a Thunderbeast. They really support our sport (any many others). They make great kit as well.
  11. I use this guy. I have never had a stage that I needed more travel, that was not easily adjusted with the leveling head, or a quick adjustment to the front leg of the tripod. http://soar.reallyrightstuff.com/TA-U-LC-SOAR-Universal-Leveling-Base-with-Clamp
  12. I tried to give it a chance, but after 2.5 episodes, I think I will go back to the original, or Simon and Simon!!!
  13. Just an FYI, I have the Odin mag relaease, and I also have the old gen1 KNS anti-walk pins in the lower. Those two items do not play well together!!!! The mag will insert, but the pins are too wide on the outside, and the extension will not allow the button to be pushed in far enough to real ease the mag. Not sure how other generations of pins work.
  14. Thanks guys, ended up going with the Faxon with the AR extractor. Now to work on the recoil system. I want to test the JP scs, versus the Hudraulic buffer, JP AR308 springs, and the waffle spring!!!
  15. I'm stepping back into the back into the game for 9mm Pcc, and what wondering what the new goto brand of bolt carrier is? Is it still JP, or what about Faxon with the AR-15 extractor?
  16. So I was at a PRS match that I needed to use my Glock. On the last stage, I pulled the pistol, racked the slide, and attempted to pull the trigger, and it was all locked up..... I did the old tap, rap, and no bang. Dropped the mag and in doing so I saw the little bar that you depress with your trigger finger inside the trigger was jammed perpendicular to the to the frame, and jammed up the works. Grabbed my mag and used my buddies pistol to finish the stage. When we were done, I asked the RO if I could try and fix it and shoot a round or two. He said sure. When I went to retrieve it from the dump box, the little doodad was missing, must have fallen out somewhere. Loaded the mag, and fires just fine, just no trigger safety. So with that said, where I can buy or get a replacement for that piece that is now missing? I guess my question is that proprietary to the ZEV trigger, or does ZEV use the stock glock piece?
  17. I loved both seasons, kinda like the X-files, meets Law and Order.
  18. Don't pass up the books. They are just as good as the show, but different. In the books, I feel that Henry and Longmire are more "personality reversed" with Longmire being the more gregarious and talkative.
  19. So I am getting into reloading for PRS shooting. Have been reloading for .223,.308, and hand gun calibers for 15+ years on a Dillon 650. So here is the situation: Load is a 6.5 x 47 Lapua with 130GR Berger AR Hybrid Bullet Forster Full Length Sizer on Station 1 Empty Station 2 Neck Mandrel Station 3 Forster Micrometer Seater Station 4 I have loaded the first batch of 300 rounds on new virgin 6.5x47 Lapua brand brass, and have shot about 250 rounds of said loaded ammo. I am ready to load the once fired brass, and need to bump the shoulder back 2-thousands on the fire formed brass. I have measured a selection of brass (no primers), and see it measures 1.445" (once fired), while virgin unfired brass measures 1.444". Now comes the weird part. BTW this is measured on the shoulder using the Hornady D400 insert. I push the ram to the top position, and screw down the FL sizing die down until it touches the shell plate. I lower the ram, and then turn the die 1/4 turn until I feel the ram start to "cam-over". I set the lock ring so it will not move. I sized a case and there was no change in measurement. I turned the die another 1/4 turn and sized the same case now down .001 from the original measurement. I figure I am getting closer, and turn the die another 1/4. The handle will not travel all the way down, and the ram will not "cam-over" as it just sticks at the top. I measure the case, and still at .001 bump, or 1.444 overall. I am thinking that the shell plate on the ram, is "too thick", and I can not adjust the die down far enough to bump the shoulder the desired amount. Does that make sense? Should I buy the Dillon "single stage conversion" kit? Should I just get a rock-chucker or big boss II? Any help would be appreciated. Matt
  20. Thanks guys, it appears to be a bell issue.
  21. I have been reloading for the past 15-years or so. The cases are definitely brass. Mixed head stamp, federal, win, etc. They have old case lube on them, and have not been through the wet tumbler. The color is off from the phone and the shop light. I never had this problem with MG's, but with the new bullets, and some moly-coated bullets started having this issue. I'll try more bell tomorrow.
  22. Decided to load some 9mm today, and came up with about 16- rounds out of the first 60 loaded that look like this. Very frustrating. Dillon 650 DIllon sizing die Dillion seater die Lee Taper Crimp die This all happens at the seating station. I have set the crimp per the manual at 1.10" I have loaded with the seating die insert set to "both" sides of the bullet profile and it does with both. The factory crimp makes them look a little better, but still have the muffin top. What could it be? There is no insert in the seating die that can be adjusted other than the profile doodad that is either set to one side or the other.
  23. So I have a spare heavy pistol buffer sitting on the bench. I can't remember if it is 7.5 or 10 oz. I'll weigh it, but is there any reason not to use it in a .223 SBR? With an adjustable gas block, and a short 10.5" barrel, will that help keep the bolt closed longer, and lessen the recoil of the short gas impulse? It's late, and I am loopy so I thought I would ask the experts
  24. Is this an issue with the MPX, as it is gas operated, or just crap brass for everyone?
  25. So at yesterday's match, I had a case head separation on the first stage. Total bummer, luckily there was a gunsmith that lived only a few miles from the range, and he was able to get it out. Fast forward to the last stage of the day, and same thing happened again. To that we had another shooter on my squad have a case head separation as well. He was shooting a complete JP rifle, and I have a rifle with JP Bolt, and Wilson Arms Barrel. In looking at both barrels it appears that there is a "ramp" milled into each chamber to allow for easier feeding of the rounds. This ramp is actually milled around the entire circumference of the barrel leaving the "unsupported" area around the entire case. Sort of like the unsupported barrel of a glock but a complete circle. When we found the case that separated, we also noted that it was a IWI case with the "ledge" inside the case right where it separated. Has anyone else had these issues. or did we just have some crazy coincidence and bad brass. I hate the idea of having to sort every 9mm case. If this is the wrong forum, mods feel free to move to gunsmithing, or PCC technical.
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