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Wilson base plate popping off?


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I'm in the process of getting our gear together so that my son and I can start competing in SS. I have several Wilson ETM mags, all new. I was practicing reloads last night, and one fell on the garage floor, and the base plate popped off. The possiblity of this happening during a match concerned me. I suppose it may not have been on securely from the factory, and that's why it popped off. But I have had this happen to me with Tripp mags (IIRC) for my 9mm SA Loaded, during an IDPA match.

Has anyone else had this happen to their ETM mags? Anything to worry about, or take some special precation for - besides the obvious like tapping them on a table to make sure the baseplate is sercure (possibly drilling/taping and inserting a screw into the baseplate?). TIA

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Bend the last (bottom) leg of the spring in towards the center of the mag.

Sometimes when it's staight it will set along side the metal retainer and bind it up so it won't push into the hole in the basepad correctly.

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