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extractor height difference ?


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Hello from Italy, I have two revolvers a 686-5 and a new 686 SSR. I removed the cilynder in all its parts to clean inside the 686-5 and I noticed this difference in height of the extractor.

I never noticed it first.

686-5 extractor in the plan is not perfectly aligned with the cylinder surface, why this difference? I did something wrong? Yet it seems that the two extractor does not have the same height....

Can anyone tell me why?

Can cause problems?

Thanks a lot !

post-27397-089054500 1304613458_thumb.jp

post-27397-076231400 1304613623_thumb.jp

post-27397-040303800 1304613736_thumb.jp

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Well, it makes me feel better..

In six years I have never removed it and I immediately thought something was wrong.

Also the fact that the first has almost twenty years older and a lot more shots fired has nothing to mean ?

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