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I have been using it for about 3 months. Best lube that I have found. Buy both the paste and liquid. I use the liquid for barrel and trigger groups, the paste for everything else. Apply a light coat go shoot wipe off then reapply. It probably takes me about 5 minutes to clean a gun now. No bad smell and is food grade. I have a whole collection of cleaners and lubes, this stuff blows everything else away. I'm going to give it a couple of more months to make sure, and then I am going to trash everything that I have. No more brake cleaner, hoppes, ccorrosion x, m-pro7, ballistol, slipstream. and a few others that I can't remember.

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I was a skeptic at first (before ordering). Finally caved and purchased the liquid & paste combo. I am now a FIRM believer in FrogLube, and I'm trying to pressure my friends to switch as well. All the gunk does wipe off like they say, and while I've only ran it for a few weeks covering a few range trips, I do think this is going to be a nice time saver in the long run.

I wish I ran FrogLube in M&P9 Pro from day one, instead of running about 1,500 through it using conventional MPro7 oil. I like the viscosity of the paste when applied on the rails, and I think I probably could have saved some initial wear if I ran it from the start.

The first application of FrogLube is a little more labor intensive compared to subsequent maintenance. First thing is to remove any petro based lubes you have, so clean thoroughly and you might even want to run through it twice. They suggest you warm the barrel up by leaving it outside in the sun for an hour or so. With the warmth, the FrogLube is suppose to get absorbed into the metal. I don't have any patience to leave my gun outside for an hour hoping it gets hot enough SOOOO I took my $20 Harbor Freight heat gun to the barrel and the M&P frame. Within a few seconds I got all metal parts hot, covered them in FL, and let them cool. I think the heat gun REALLY helped me out with the FL penetration. I was able to get the barrel really toasty, and then get the frame and slide warm without really risking damage to anything. You can probably accomplish the same thing with a hair dryer, but the bottom line is that a targeted heat source to prep for the 1st application is key!

Same as rooster, I'm going to keep an eye on things for a few months but I imagine all will be fine...and if so, I'll be getting rid of my whole MPro7 line, and Breakfree CLP.

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