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shell plate binding on 650

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Brand new 650.

looks like the metal chute for the loaded rounds is binding against the shell plate.

I was planning on just bending it outward, but has anybody else had this problem?

the chute is attached to the base, strong mount.

tool mount is installed but above the chute.

(so looking down its the bolt, tool mount, chute, base of 650).

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Mine was hitting on the bottom of the case slider. I took a black zip tie to hold it out of the way and against the press frame.

The toolholder and ammo chute shouldn't be touching the shell plate!?!?

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The toolholder should be secured by the two rear frame mounting bolts. The chute/bracket is secured by the two right-side bolts, so the right rear bolt goes through both the chute/bracket and the toolholder.

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