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Matches Near Syracuse, NY?

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From the Area7 page go to the Eastern Lakes Section page

There you can find a link to the schedule of every USPSA match in the section.

This is also where you will find the Firecracker Match App.

I definitely recommend the Firecracker as a good match. 8 stages in half day format. Every year we see more out of state competitors as the word spreads.

As a competitor from outside of New York, there are a few issues with State laws you need to be aware of.

Please do not take this as legal advice.

Competitors from outside the US can find the Invitation letter here. It was posted to the schedule page.

Non-resident possession of handgun in New York

Possession of handguns by individuals not holding law enforcement credentials or a New York State Pistol Permit is covered by NY penal code 265.20(13). The exemption covers only your match firearm(s), which must be transported, unloaded in a locked opaque container along with a copy of your match registration. It is suggested that you should obtain a copy of NY penal code 265.20(13), when traveling. This exemption is good for 48 hours before and after the match. Please note that New York City is a separate licensing jurisdiction, and it is not a good idea to attempt to rely on this competitor’s exemption while in the state to attend a match in upstate New York.

Magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds

It is a crime to possess a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds in New York State if that magazine was manufactured after September 13, 1994. [NY penal code 265.00(23), 265.02]

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