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My son just got an appointment to the Naval Academy - Advice?

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My son just accepted his appointment to the Naval Academy. He had been hoping for the Air Force Academy, but the appointment hasn't arrived and he reached the deadline for having to say yes/no to Annapolis.

He went through an introductory program last summer at the AF Academy, but he has zero experience with Annapolis.

Can anyone who attended provide any advice about what to expect, how to prepare, and most importantly, what you really wish you knew in advance? I'm specifically looking for information that will help him acclimate faster than if he goes in blind.


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I am the Admissions Field Force representative for S.E. Idaho for West Point.

The appointment process depends a lot on your Congressman. I was able to have one of our Senators in Idaho "swap" two cadets who had appointments to the Air Force Academy and West Point, but each wanted to go to the other academy. The Senator agreed and a call from his office to both of the academy admissions offices greased the skids and made it happen.

Geography also has some influence. The West has more kids wanting to go to the Air Force Academy. Idaho is doing great in getting more than our allotment into West Point. This is due to our State Field Force rep who regularly obtains open postions from other areas. (He is a real go-getter and a great guy!)

There should be a USAFA representative in your area. Contact them. If you do not know who they are, start with the Air Force Academy's admissions web page. It takes some coordination, but the swap can be done. There are also several good books out there on what the academy's programs are like.

The academies are actually very similar. One of the key areas for all is motivation. Your son will be challenged mentally, physically, and psychologically. His determination will be what pulls him through. I have personally discouraged candidates who want to go solely because a family member has served or attended an academy. Good luck to your son where ever he goes.

Jim Roberts, USMA 1967

West Point Admissions Field Force


Oh, I almost forgot - - Go Army / Beat Navy

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Have been to a military academy school. A big part of the first semester or even year, is getting in shape. I mean real shape. Show up being able to run forever, and pass a PT test with ease, and you have one less thing to worry about. Show up in ridiculous shape to start and you can concentrate on the grades you'll need to maintain, and learning all the military discipline stuff (the first year is always the worst).

Congrats to your son, and thank him for wanting to serve our country.

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