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  1. Purchased a Tac-12 from Firebird last year. Really love it. Nanci & Jim were extremely helpful and patient with my questions. It shoots better than I. (Need to get back to the range for more practice.) Ranger6
  2. $5 per firearm for club members - $10 per firearm for non-members
  3. What caliber are you shooting? Now, where did I put that darn overlay? Lol Rgr6
  4. While RO'ing an Area (leve II) match a shooter had a malfunction and stopped shooting declaring that his firearm was "unsafe". After clearing, I explained that the stage would have to be scored as shot. He insisted that (at his range) a shooter would receive a re-shoot due to having an "unsafe" gun. As the CRO, I called the RM to assist the shooter who had moved all of his gear to a Safe Area in an adjacent bay. The problem originated from the local club allowing shooters to participate without properly applying USPSA rules. It is really a disservice for the shooter who ends up being surprised when the rules are enforced at a higher level match. Unfortunately for the shooter at the Area match, he was informed by the RM (upon arrival) that since the shooter was in the process of handling the firearm, magazines, and ammunition in the Safety Area that he was DQ'ed. Ranger6
  5. Flatland Shooter wrote: A while back Firebird Precision made some YouTube videos on tuning MKA 1919 magazines. I would think, since they are all 12 gauge, the procedure for tuning a Vepr 12 magazine would be similar. Bill Firebird Precision (Jim and Nanci) make some great products. I recently purchased one of their TAC-12a shotguns. It really works for me; especially with their adjustable stock. If you take it out to "Sporting Clays", you do get a lot of "What the heck is that?" questions. Ranger6 PS - Firebird are strong supporters of our sport!
  6. Returned from South Africa last year with a couple of firearms. (2015) Upon re-entry to U.S. there were several plane loads of passengers (300-400) lined up to go through Customs. Found the nearest officer an declared I had firearms. He lead me around the group and I went through in less than 5 minutes. They looked at the Customs and Border Protection form (CBP Form-4457) and that was it. Ranger6
  7. -14 this morning out there. ICORE and SASS shooters having a match in the snow today. Annual "Frozen Chosen" match held yesterday. HARDCORE
  8. Best line of the movie: "What should we do with this guy?" (A Stormtroopper that the good guys just knocked out.) Answer - "Is there a trash compactor?"
  9. Rocky Mountain 3 Gun Championship: 1st round hit ~ 1400 yards on steel Metric target with ~ 14 mph cross wind. .338 Lapua round. Lots of fun.
  10. Rimfire start: Seems like the current system has a lot of "variants". Why not provide a table and place the handgun flat on it. Competitors could start with hands above shoulders (like centerfire shooters), retrieve handgun and engage targets. Fair for everyone. Same start could be used for carbine starts. Ranger6....
  11. If the MD's of most of the major Multi-Gun matches could agree on a single set of rules, that would be nice. (aka IMGA) "Rules, we ain't got no rules, we don't need no stinking rules here" Ranger6
  12. What MarkCO said. Warne is great! Customer service is #1. Ranger6
  13. How about 72 and a 1/2? Wait a minute, that was last week! Lol Ranger6
  14. Shadow, How many grains of IMR 4756 powder do you use to make major in 38 Super? Would it work with 124 grain Montana Gold (HP) bullets? Ranger6
  15. Mentally, I would say golf. Try reading the "Golf is not a game of perfect" book collection for mental preparation. Ranger6
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