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Odd malfunction


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post-10985-066506800 1304275262_thumb.jpIts gotten worse over time, but I can get it to malfunction on a regular basis, now. (The gun's had between 600 and 1000 rounds through it.)

AA 38 Super major, if you only load one round in the mag, in my STI magazine, it will, pretty consistently (about 75% of the time), crush the brass, and lock back. If it doesn't crush the brass, the brass barely makes it out of the gun, and falls at your feet. If it is crushed, then it flings the brass forward.

AA 38 Super Minor, it doesn't lock back, and only crushes the brass 5% of the time, but more "dings" than crushes.

It can, sporadically, crush the brass at other times, as well.

Using SV tubes, it usually only crushed the brass about once per match, but the last match, it crushed and jammed brass at least 3 times. (Earlier, it crushed the brass on occasion, but didn't jam.)

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I'll try to figure out how to post them. There's a "square" indentation into the primer - sometimes a cut across the rim, and the other end usually looks like you a chisel, and cut into it about 1/4", w. the brass being pushed to the inside of the case.

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They did not get kicked out, and got rammed back into the barrel hood.

Possible causes are;

  • Light load or too heavy spring not allowing case to come back far enough to hit the ejector.
  • missing, damaged, or weak extractor not holding the case until it is hit by the ejector.
  • missing or damaged ejector.

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