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USPSA Production Question


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I'm new to the USPSA - justs got my membership packet this week. I've shot some practice at my local club, but have not yet shot a match.

I have a question for the rules change happening for Production Division. Specifically the striking of the "First shot must be double action" clause.

I have a CZ 85 Combat in 9mm. All CZ 85's are on the approved list for production. This gun can operate as Single Action with a safety, or as Double Action if I manually decock the hammer. Here are the questions.

Page 52 of the USPSA rule book (8.1.2) specifies the staring conditions for 3 types of auto-loaders, which are listed as Single Action, Double & Safe Action, and Selective Action. Is my gun considereed Selective Action?

Assuming it is Selective action, then there are two valid starting conditions: decocked, or cocked with safety on. In Appendix E for Production Division (page 92) item "d" states that single action pistols are not allowed, and the the phrase "First shot must be double action" is being removed in the new rules. Since my gun is Selective Action, it is allowed (i.e. not Single Action). Since cocked and locked is a valid starting condition for Selective Action guns, does this mean I can take the first shot in Single Action mode under the new rules?

Where before I was looking to have to manually decock to shoot production, now, under the new rules, I don't think I have to. Is this right, or am I missing something?

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I interpret the new rules to mean that the hammer must be down at the start signal, but you may cock it before you fire the first shot if you wish.


I would also gently suggest that you dry fire the living crap outta that first shot issue and then just shoot your first shot DA. :)

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The minutes from the on-line meeting address this issue. I have copies them below.

On-Line Board Votes Voting System

Title: US Production start criteria

Date of Motion: 12/09/03

Closed: 12/16/03

Submitted by: President

Seconded by: Area5

Status: Posted

Result: Passed

Motion: President moves to add the following language to US Production division criteria: Handgun may not be in single action mode at start signal

Area1 Yes

Area2 Yes

Area3 Yes

Area4 Yes

Area5 Yes

Area6 Yes

Area7 Yes, Rollcall Requested

Area8 Yes

President Yes

The last sentence states it all, "Handgun may not be in single action mode at start signal".

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