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Your Pistol's Reliability


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Hello. I wonder, how many BBs can you shoot until your airsoft pistol breaks down?

I have several guns.

The first was ASG/KWA Glock 17, this lasted quite a while, don't even remember the amount of shots it made before it broke. But that is more than 20 000 shots using green gas.

Then I bought KJW KP-0506 Hi-Capa, that was made to handle the pressure of CO2 - got 1 green gas mag, 1 CO2 mag. Never used CO2, traded that mag for another green gas mag. Used R404A gas (also known as Red Gas). First problems appeared when about 12 500 BBs were shot - a trigger disconnector broke. Replaced it, then after 2 000 more shots hammer/sear hooks worn out completely (the pistol started shooting full auto).

As I'm going to stick with the Hi-Capa's, I got a question: What would you do if your trigger internals break / wear out? Would you buy standard zinc alloy parts or would you go for more expensive steel ones?

By the way, I use Red Gas, because the temperature I shoot in is from 6 C to 15 C (rarely more)

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I was told by the guys at Bam Airsoft that these pistols will break and that I will need to learn how to work with them.

I have about 15K through my KWA 1911 Double stack and I had to send it back to KWA twice so far. Once they paid for and once I paid the $45 to have it fixed. I have also had to tweak and fix it myself a few times as I use it a lot. Good luck! The BAM guys are a good resource as they train on a weekly basis with their airsoft equipment. Kent

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Well, I don't know what are these "BAM guys", I fix my guns myself :) My KJW Hi-Capa has new trigger internals, new springs (all of them), and is sold already. I just bought a WE/CQB Hi-Capa dragon, slayed it, put all the necessary internals into my old KJW, and bought steel internals for my little Dragon. It's gonna be, I guess, the most reliable airsoft pistol in Lithuania, when I finish tuning it :)

I just like to take care of my guns myslef, try to guess which part failed and fix it or replace it :)

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Sounds like you are way ahead of the game... :D I love my airsoft training time as I am sure you do!

Check out this website if you get a chance as these guys are serious about the airsoft training. They were very average USPSA shooters when they started this and now they are both A shooters with their eyes on Master. Watch them shoot the real guns in the videos also. Cheers and good luck! http://www.bamairsoft.com/

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That's a nice link, lots of good ideas there for a beginner. I've found several, too :) These guys are quite clever.

But still, I wouldn't give my gun to anyone to fix it :D Some people bring their guns for me to fix them :)

I just wonder, what parts usually wear out. Airsoft pistol shooting in Lithuania is quite new, so not all problems are solved, but I'm working on them :) It's just a little hard when you have to pay a lot for a part and wait for 2 months for it to reach you. So it's better to be sure about the part :D

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Suggest to use duster gas or at max green gas. Red gas is too powerful and will break internals in the long run. If you're breaking KJW, WE will be much shorter lifespan.

I do my own smithing and one thing I found out is that the stock internals KP series of KJW is one of the best. WE stuffs are pot metal. Ofcourse aftermarket parts are in a totally different league.

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