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Gen 2 magazines.... having issues


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I currently have a GEN3 Glock 17 with two mags that came with it.

I have two older GEN2 magazines that work but they do not drop freely when mag release is hit. They drop a little but need to be pulled out.

How can this be fixed? I really dont want to buy new mags if I can avoid it.

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For a long time there were several types of Glock mags. Some were metal-lined and some were not. Some were drop-free and some were non-drop free.

Are the two older mags fully metal lined? If not they are probably non-drop free mags.

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I had the same problem with my 22. I took some 1200 grit sandpaper and polished all of my mags. Then wrapped some sandpaper around a mag and polished the inside of my magwell. Now all of my mags including the Gen2 mags drop just fine.

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