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Started a winter league


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So, I've always liked shooting clays, been doing it with my dad for years. A friend of mine asked me if i wanted to join his winter league this year so that exactly what Im doing. It'll be something fun to do, and it'll get me out shooting in the crappy months i usually dont get out much. Its a 13 week league and Im shooting Trap and Skeet. Each "week" is only 1 round of 25, but you can shoot ahead on nice days. last week I shot an 18 and 17 on trap (with a borrowed gun I've never shot before) and a 19 & 23 on skeet....I've always been a better skeet shooter :sight: . Im looking for personal bests during this league and i thnk a 23 on skeet is a tie for a personal best there. I've never ran a stright 25 on either so that WILL happen in then next 11 weeks.

Anyway, this should be a fun little endeavor.....I really hope I dont get hooked on it super competitively, I dont have the time :roflol:

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I had my best week yet knocking down 12 and 14 clays in the 2 rounds of skeet today. Really glad to see the improvement in just the 6 rounds of skeet I've shot so far. Won't be long and I'll be hitting all of them.

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