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FL IDPA Match March 6-7

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I just got to work after along weekend helping at the FL IDPA match.

One Caveat: Those I argue with on here sometimes think I am down on IDPA but I have helped run every FL IDPA state match since they first started (98) except for 03, when I had to shoot it all in one day for travel reasons.

What did you guys think of 04? I had a blast, a buddy of mine and I ran the dark house and for the whole match I only had to award a total of ONE proceedural, and that shooter explained that he needed one.

Thanks to Brian Demeers, CFRPC, Frank Akey and the SO's that made the thing run.

The computer foul up at the end appears to be beyond anyone's control, but it is an unfortunate ending to a great match.

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Before you ask, the proceedural was a wheel gunner, shooting moon clips in his 625.

The lights came on and I was helping him gather them up. One still had two unfired rounds in it, and he told me, "Oh, yeah, jeez, I thought I was out. I need to retain those, that's a 3 second."

I had one guy fire (what I thought was) 11 rounds from his Glock 21 in CDP and I thought I needed him moved to SSP, which would be like the reverse of "minoring" in IPSC. Nope, he just hit a snappy Tac load on the way down the empty hallway. It was dark, he was quick, I missed it. I was impressed and apologized.

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For those of you who missed the match, the darkhouse did NOT use flashlights.

Instead we had LOW light, not dark in the front half, then darkness with strobes in the rear.

We also had some fake Christmas tree about halfway down range to throw odd shadows as the strobes alternated. It worked. People, shot barrels, walls and yes, several "fired up" a threatening Pine tree.

I don't like tricks or traps and before anyone suggest that the targets were hidden, there was NO hard cover and from various positions you had a full presentation on every single target. Some folks just fired before they had identified a target.

Of course, maybe they were allergic to Pine....

Most folks really seemed to enjoy it. No one left mad, and I honestly had several shooters stop in the middle of the stage to tell me how cool it was.

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The dark house was very cool. It was the most laid back stage at the match.

The LOW light concept was great.

This was my first major match. I was suprised at all the blind stages. They just take forever. I was tired before the match was over so I know the SO's had to be dead. You guys worked your tails off. Thanks man!


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