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Grip during mag & slide release?


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I have a G17 RTF2 that I use for IDPA. Based on my medium hand size, I need to adjust my grip when I press the mag release and slide release.

I feel I can do the adjustment fairly quickly, but sometimes when I regrip after hitting the slide release, I notice by grip is not exactly right.

Just curious, how important is it to be able to maintain one grip, which changing mags and dropping the slide? I have even considered switching to a Gen 4 or maybe a M&P to try and improve this situation.

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Moving your grip to perform the reload is not a big deal, many of us do it and run quick reloads. For the slide lock try hitting it with your support thumb as you come back into your shooting grip.


I'd bet a really high percentage of us (like 75-85%) have to move our grip during reloads or hitting the slide release with the strong thumb. Even if someone wants to use the strong thumb on the slide release, I still think being able to smoothly hit it with the support thumb is a good skill to have. R

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One of the things I did correctly last season was release my grip to complete a mag change and slide release. The gun just fit and could be flicked and come back to a nice front sight. Medium hands. Finger groove in left grip panel (don't know if that ever helped).

Everything else I sucked at.

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