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308 die issue on 650

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I just purchased a 308 conversion for my 650 press and I'm having an issue. My dies are the Redding competition neck a competition bullet seating set. I started with adjusting the neck die per Redding. It ends up being adjusted fully down to the toolhead. Next I installed the powder measure die & funnel, and measure itself. The bottom of the charge bar was right against the top of the neck die. Since the powder measure still isn't fully opening, it needs to be adjusted down further. I milled off 0.140" from the interfering area but, it should still be adjusted more. I think the problem could be solved if Dillon had a Powder funnel similar, but longer. Any ideas of what to do? I'll fall Dillon tomorrow.

Also, does anyone know if the charge bar between the 550, 650, and square deal are interchangeable? If they do have a longer funnel, I'd like to install an unmodified bar. I have several.


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