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Audio CD to MP3....?

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All you have to do is set iTunes (I'm guessing, since you mentioned an iPod) to import from the CD in .MP3 format

Go to:



General Tab

Import Settings

Import Using - MP3 Encoder

And then put the CD in the drive etc.

Then load on your iPod, and you should be good to go.

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If you're on windows try the media player - it'll bring them down as album/song (but it's an option for you).

I never like the way iTunes does it. It always seems to name the songs ZAQW.mp3, Media Player will name it the name of the song, easier to find later

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I ended up using the Windows Media Player, per BerKim's suggestion, and it was really simple to copy to Mp3 format and save the tracks on the Larry Basham CDs to file. The saved files show the CD number and track number so they should work as I want.....

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